About Us

The seeds of our deep appreciation for good wines and spirits sprouted in our home country of Greece, a country historically linked to wine and currently part of the spirit and mixology trend today. We have brought that passion with us to Luxembourg where we hope it takes root.

Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality and to remain authentic, pure and original in what we present you. Our products are hand-picked by our producers in Greece curated by us, and delivered to you to enjoy them. We guarantee the purest and most unique taste of Greece!


Enjoy the finesse that is
enclosed in each bottle

Our wines and spirits come from regions in Greece well-known for producing exceptional, naturally grown ingredients. Our producers are people with passion, knowledge, and a sustainable philosophy.

Our main range of products are either organic or biodynamic and all balance quality and taste, with rich and refined aromas. Each product reflects the characteristics of the region in which it’s produced.

With each sip: you experience the brightness of the Mediterranean sun, the characteristics of the soil and local herbs, and the spirit of the people. In this way you can discover and enjoy the unique bounty Greece has to offer you.